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Frequently Asked Questions…

Do I book my holiday with Holidays.BlackFriday?

No.  We’re not a Travel Agent.  We’re a community site where people and companies can share genuine offers.  If you book your holiday based on a deal you find on this site, you’re booking it with the company that’s offering the Holiday, not us.  We’re not regulated or registered – we’re just the best possible site to share and source information on great Holiday Deals around the UK and the world.  We’d recommend paying your chosen holiday company using a credit card to ensure you’re protected by the consumer credit act if things go wrong – contact your card issuer for more information.

I’ve had a great/bad experience on a Holiday, can I share it?

Of course – we all know a Holiday is not just about the price.  You’re not buying a room or transport, you’re buying an experience, an escape.  Most people aren’t interested in highly detailed reports – and there are plenty of excellent sites that allow a good rant.  So our Holiday Experiences forum will feature your notes as quick and easy bullet points.  Imagine each point you want to make as a ‘tweet’.  And remember – just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it has to be bad – that’s one of the great things about this site, we want to direct people to the best deals that provide the best experience.

What if I’m from a Travel / Holiday company and want to promote a deal or advertise on Holidays.BlackFriday?

We have only two criteria – you must be a properly registered company AND your deal must be exceptional.  The site operators are from a background of advertising compliance.  We know all the tricks.  So don’t try to pass of a bad deal as a good one.  We’ll want to know the retail price you would usually charge – the usual deal price you would offer, and the exceptionally good deal price you want to offer on Holidays.BlackFriday.  Don’t worry if you’ve only got 1 or 2 holiday spaces – tell us your availability and we’ll make that clear to our site visitors.  A friendly warning though – if you advertise a Holiday that isn’t really available, you’ll be blacklisted (regardless of how big you are).  You can offer exceptionally good rates to introduce people to your company – but those deals must be genuine.  Our visitors rely in real deals – and that is why they trust us.

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