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There is something to be said about laying in your own tent as the sun sets. Hopefully you've turned your phone off for this moment and the space, time and thoughts are yours. No social media likes, no jokey whatsapps from mates, just you and maybe the people you bought with you. A camping holiday gives you all this, and more. Check out our camping holiday deals, especially our camping black friday deals by joining our free mailing list!


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Hotel : The Hotel Flamigo Oasis.

from £357 per person in December 2022 *based on two people sharing.

You deserve this. A few weeks ago it was so warm. Now, we're facing winter. Christmas is nice, but the first few weeks of December isn't the best - it's cold, wet (or at least damp!) and you still have a few more weeks of pressure sales in the shops. Why? GO AWAY... Cheaper! and enjoy some winter sun, then come back when everyone has cheered up and ready for the Kings Speech and a bit of yule log!

The Hotel Flamigo Oasis is everything you'd want for a no-stress holiday. Kick-back and enjoy the all-inclusive bar. Wake (not so early) and get a fresh swim in to make you feel good. Then lounge around, de-stressing, wondering why they don't make this sort of thing law. Modern facilities, indoor and outdoor pools, lovely bedrooms and the chance to unwind. If you're taking the kids, there is a club for them too!

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Price correct at date found time. Subject to availability and price may change at any time without notice until you book - so put your booking through ASAP to get the best price. Date we found this deal: 13/09/2022 at 11.06am. Holiday provided by On the TUI Group (ATOL registered).

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NEW HOLIDAY DEAL All Inclusive Family Holiday to Spain

Hotel : Club Mac Alcudia.

from £ 685 per person for Summer 2023 *based on two people sharing.

Black Friday Holiday Deal Relaxation, places for the kids to go and play, space for you to unwind, pools to feel refreshed and sun to warm your heart. The Club Mac Alcudia hotel has everything you need. Very modern hotel rooms, free WiFi, 8 amazing water parks and swimming pools, delicious food at 3 restaurants, and of course, FOUR nice all inclusive bars...


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Price correct at date found time. Subject to availability and price may change at any time without notice until you book - so put your booking through ASAP to get the best price. Holiday provided by On the Beach Travel Ltd (ATOL number 11549). Date we found this deal: 12/09/2022 at 19.35pm.

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