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To build a castle on the golden sand, one must first obtain the appropriate tools. Bucket and Spade.

We've found deals on everything from little plastic buckets and spades for the kids to military grade entrenching tools for the real man-child in us all (man, woman or other). We've also found the cheapest bucket and spade. We all know how expensive those little shops can be! Get our Holiday Deals and Holiday Essentials directly to your inbox!


Best Kids Bucket and Spade Deal

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Black Friday Holiday Bucket and Spade Deal - Less than £7 you get all the fun in a light-weight kit. Not only does this bucket and spade deal come with (you guessed it!) a bucket and spade, but it also comes with a full set of sand shapes (moulds) to make fun sea creature shapes.

There are two spades - ideal when you want to help your little one construct, and plenty to divvy out if theres a few more little people joining you. Bright and colourful, happy and imaginative. And all for under a tenner! Another superb holiday essentials black friday find!

Product Dimensions : 26.8 x 14.1 x 12.7 cm.
Product Weight : 190 Grams.

Expert Military Folding Carbon Steel Entrenching Tool

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Black Friday Professional Beach Equipment Deal - Some might call this a spade for a man-child, or Daddy Tools. We think that's sexist - this is a serious bit of sand castle creation equipment for any living serious beach construction artist, Man, Woman or Other (but not for children - they can just watch your creative genius!).

Whether you're digging the deepest, most impressive hole the coastline has ever seen, or building a 5 metre wide castle with out-grounds, moat, drawbridge and tunnel - this is what you need. Sure, it's shown being used in warefare, survival or extreme camping, but we can tell you our man-child Director here at Holidays.BlackFriday has used this to build some impressive beach constuctions (including upright sand seats complete with beer can holder). Go on - you know you want it...

Product Materials : Carbon Steel.
Product Dimensions : 25.8 x 16.6 x 7.2 cm.
Product Weight : 1.23 Kilograms.

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