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It's holiday time, the time when you grab a rubber ring and go float in a pool or bob around in the sea. We've found some stunning deals on Rubber Ring.

Let' face it, rubber rings are just the fun, silly sort of things that make you feel on holiday. We love them and so do you. We've found ideal rubber rings for the beach, comedy rubber rings for the lazy river and sports-looking rubber rings for the pool. Get our Holiday Deals and Holiday Essentials directly to your inbox!


Coolest Rubber Ring

Black Friday Rubber Ring - Less than £8 for an entire Rubber Ring. You won't find that price when you're on the beach (or at least we've never seen it!)

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This full size 24" Rubber Ring features printed brightly-coloured sun glasses. How cool is that? How very holiday!

Ring Size : 30 Inch
Product Dimensions : 68 x 68 x 18 cm
Product Weight : 100 Grams - that won't hurt your luggage allowance!

A photo of the coolest Rubber Ring.

Comedy Rubber Ring

Black Friday Rubber Ring Deals - Less than £16 for all this fun? Unbelievable! When we sent our top researchers to find the cheapest rubber rings, or the best rubber rings, they came back and told us we had to feature this one.

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I mean, who doesn't raise a cheeky smile to this half-eaten donut shaped rubber ring? That's what holidays are all about, right? Relaxation, fun and not a work laptop in sight (Put down that Excel sheet!).

Product Dimensions : 26 x 2 x 26 cm.
Product Weight : 390 Grams.

A photo of a comedy Rubber Ring.

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