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You're ready for the sun, you've found a stunning holiday deal thanks to Holidays.BlackFriday and now you need Sun Cream.

Why do you need sun cream? Because if you don't take it with you, you'll spend a fortune when you get there, or just burn to a crisp. We hate sun burn at Holidays.BlackFriday Towers. Really gets in the way of a good time! Get our Holiday Deals and Holiday Essentials directly to your inbox!


Factor 50+ Sun Cream

Black Friday Sun Cream Deals - For £5 you get 200ml of factor 50+ sun protection. Just rub on the creamy goodness, lay back... and relax!

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This water resistant sun cream is by the major brand Nivea. When you're buying your sun cream, you want to know it's from a reputable brand - after all, it's about protecting your body both now and in the future.

Hand luggage? : No - max is 100ml and this is 150ml - See UK Gov Advice
Scent : Unscented
Product benefits : Moisturising Suncream with SPF50+
Sun protection : 50 SPF
Item weight : 230 Grams
Skin type : Normal
Active ingredients : Aqua
Immediate protection : Sunscreen SPF 50 provides immediate protection against sunburn and premature skin ageing so you can enjoy the sunshine safely
Highly effective : Get highly effective UVA & UVB protection with this moisturising cream sunscreen, as well as 48-hour skin moisture
Water-resistant : The caring sun lotion is water-resistant and works in balance with the skin's microbiome - the skin's natural defence system
Usage instructions : Apply NIVEA suncream before sun exposure, enough to give a visible layer before rubbing in. Allow to absorb completely. Reapply frequently, especially after swimming, perspiring, and towelling.
Readily biodegradable: NIVEA sun protection cares for your skin and the planet. The new formula is biodegradable and respects the ocean by being free from Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Octocrylene and microplastics

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Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Water Sun Cream Spray SPF20

Black Friday Sun Cream Offer - For under £5 you get 150ml of factor 20 sun protection in a small, handy spray bottle.

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If you don't like the feel of traditional sun cream, why not try this spray? It feels good, looks good and gives you a SPF20 protection. Not quite as much as the factor 50, but it is still good stuff!

Hand luggage? : No - max is 100ml and this is 150ml - See UK Gov Advice
Product benefits : Hydrating
Sun protection : 20 SPF
Item weight : 175 Grams
Item dimensions : L x W x H 7.6 x 3.3 x 17.1 centimetres
Brand : L'Oreal
Protection : Advanced UVA and UVB protection
Features : Invisible on skin, Light & refreshing with a Velvety finish With Aloe Vera Water. Non sticky and water resistant

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NIVEA After Sun (400 ml)

Black Friday Sun Cream Offer - Sun burn - we've all done it, waited too long before re-applying sun cream, or worse, just didn't bother to put sun cream on. And now you're glowing like Rudolphs red nose. For under £5 you get 400ml of Moisturising, Soothing after sun Lotion.

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If you're super clever, you're on this page before you go away and will buy this magical potion which reduces the sting and sooths burning skin.

Hand luggage? : No - max is 100ml and this is 400ml - See UK Gov Advice
What's the magic? :Cooling Moisturiser with Aloe Vera, Naturally Soothing After Sun Care with 24-Hour Effectiveness.
After sun: NIVEA's combination after sun lotion and hydrating moisturiser comes together to form a perfect union of hot weather skin care products.
Fast absorbing: Absorbs quickly into the skin and works as an intensive moisturiser for 48 hours, better for nourishing and hydrating your skin overnight.
Cooling formula: Enriched with Aloe vera and precious avocado oil for a soft and silky skin feeling that will soothe and cool in equal measure.
How to apply: This Aloe vera after sun should be applied post-shower for maximum moisture retention; apply to all areas exposed to sunlight that day. Tan prolonging: An after sun moisturiser that helps maintain skin's elasticity and with every use works to ensure a long-lasting and elegant natural tan.

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