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Welcome to your new Holiday Deals Site.

Holidays.BlackFriday will become to the go-to place when you want to go away.  Why pay retail prices when you can get the best deals here?  Save the ticket price and spend your money on activities, pampering or just keep it in your pocket – the choice is yours.

Watch out for “HOLIDAY DEALS FOUND” board posts.

When we find a deal that we think stands out from the crowd, we’ll list it under the post name “Holiday Deals Found”.  You can also search “deal finder” to get a list of all of our Holiday Deals Found posts.  They won’t last forever, in fact some may have very low allocations, be special promotions or have fluctuating prices.  Just remember to think fast to catch the deal, but make sure you do your research on the holiday firms first.  Some popular social media sites and community blogging sites will help you here.

Also, We want to know if you’ve found it cheaper or any opinions, so add them to the comments box below.  If you’ve booked it, tell us that too! But not the dates you’re away of course!

What makes Holidays.BlackFriday different to other deal sites or forums?

We’re focussed on real deals – not just “Save £5 when you spend a billion..”.  For us, Holidays are about getting away from the burdens of life.  And we don’t think you should have to pay the earth for it.  At Holidays.BlackFriday, there’s no secret escapes – we’re all about sharing the best deals.  That’s why we have a fully moderated forum – if you find a great deal, share it with all of us!  When you find a deal that your not happy with, warn us!  Together, we can make our Holidays better, fun, relaxing and enjoyable.  Lets take the stress and money out of getting away… together!

Is Holidays.BlackFridays just about Black Friday Deals?

It’s that and so much more.  We’re about getting the best deals on Black Friday – so while others are spending all their money on Christmas, you’ll spend a little on yourself – at massive discounts off highstreet AND web retail prices..!  And best of all?  We’re live 24/7/365.  Whilst we’ll encourage Holiday companies to promote ONLY their BEST deals here, we’ll be pushing for great deals all year round.  Most importantly, when it’s not Black Friday, we’ll keep pushing for the lowest price holiday deals.  – Holidays.BlackFriday for the lowest prices all year round!

We’re excited about stunning holidays and low cost holiday deals.

This more than just another Holiday Deals Site.  This is about real people sharing travel knowledge and  travel deals they find.  Its a place for the Holiday Travel Companies to market only their best offers (we won’t accept rubbish deals..!).  But most importantly, it’s a place where you can save money on great holidays.


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